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Never Underestimate The Power Of A Mothers Prayer

Your mother has been with you for every stage of life, from the moment of conception to the day of her last breath. She has been with you. Much like a marriage vow she has been with you through sickness and in health and through richer or poor’ days. Every single day she had been praying for you; she has prayed over your life, over your future, over your everything. Prayer is one of the most single things we can do that seems so insignificant now but is detrimental to your daily life. Prayer helps you through your day, it gives you a direct phone number to God to talk with him.

As a mother, I never use to see praying over my family as a significant other than for situations at that moment like prayers for healing, prayers for sickness, prayers for attitude, etc. However, I was listening to a sermon and they mentioned how sometimes things that happen to you now are because you had someone praying for you then. I never really thought about it that way but when I asked my mother, my grandmother, and my grandfather, not to my surprise but I was shocked was even they had been praying over me all my life for both current situations and future situations regardless if their prayers were welcomed or not. Which made so much more sense because as I look back I remember there was a time in high school when I was doing something I shouldn’t have been doing, during this time I was not a believer, and I just felt something saying “Don’t do that!” as much as I wanted to ignore that voice, I stopped what I was doing and left. Now, none of us can tie what they prayed over me to that event or other events but I am sure they are connected.

In second Timothy, Paul is pretty much acknowledging that he is at the end of this path that he was called to, he knew that death was around the corner, that he was to pass his ministry on to someone who is “worthy”. Well, Timothy was Pauls’s faithful right-hand man and was with him almost through it all, Paul mentioned that I am reminded of your sincere faith, a faith that dwelt first in your grandmother Lois and your mother Eunice and now, I am sure dwells in you as well. While this verse does not mention that his family prayed over him if you read the verse before this one you would see that Paul is talking about praying for him constantly day and night which, I feel personal, that he tied with this verse for a reason. Paul knew that while Timothy’s mother and grandmother were God-fearing and probably raised Timothy the same way, he knew that they prayed for him too.

I feel as if his grandmother and his mother prayed for his future long before Paul took him in, long before he could walk or talk. Prayers that mentioned him being strong in faith, guiding him to whatever God calls him for, protecting him from the spiritual enemy. As I began to wonder what their prayers were like I found a commonality in their possible prayers and mine that I have prayed over my children and the prayers that I know were possibly prayed over me as a child. Growing up I was not the best kid. I talked back and had a very very rebellious spirit. I thought I could do things my way, that I knew best and what I found is that I was quickly humbled. Doors closed while others opened, and as an almost thirty-year-old I now realize that those things could have very well been because of my mother and grandmother and other family members praying over me. What I have found is that they still pray for me as I pray for my own.

The power of prayer never stops!

Imagin the prayers that Jesus’ mother prayed, even though she already knew who he was from conception and what his life might be like she still prayed for him and over him.

The prayer of a mother is so significantly powerful because we don’t stop praying. Even after the kids are grown they are still prayed for. We are still ever making sure that you have what you need, worrying about what is going on. So never underestimate the power of a mother’s prayers because they can have a lifelong effect, they can stop barriers that would be built, halt the enemy over your life, and help guide you to God.

So take heart and don’t stop praying regardless if you are a mother, father, grandmother, or grandfather. Pray over your spouse husband and wives, pray over your school teachers, pray over your community, pray over your co-workers, pray over your noisy neighbor. Pray over the good and the bad because God can turn the bad around for the good. If you don’t have someone praying for you then find someone within the church, and find a bible-based like-minded group that will pray over you. If you are someone that can be that someone then does so, reach out to those who don’t have anyone and be their somebody.

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