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Christians Stop Getting Distracted

The other day at my work I was sitting in my office that morning going over paperwork. I needed to go out to the main lobby where the textbooks are to get something. Around this time my morning employee just walked in to start her shift. As she and I walked out to the floor I happened to notice a little baby snake slithering by then stopping by my foot. It froze there, startled by this little baby creature. I grabbed my phone for a photo opp for my husband who loves snakes. On the other hand, I don’t mind snakes but I don’t particularly like them either. As she stood there watching it to make sure it didn’t slither off I went and grabbed disposable coffee cups, scooped the little guy up, and put him outside where he belonged. Laughing about it we went on about our morning.

After our moment of small panic, I sent the photo to my husband who immediately texted me back and said babe that was a 1nope rope!

Excuse me! While baby nope ropes are still dangerous they are sometimes easier to dispose of. However, since it was a little guy a mama could possibly be hanging around. Panic filled my body as I was now trying to frantically remember what the little snake looked like to google image it and see what snakes were around my general area. Coming from the desert rattlesnakes are a big deal, they often found their way into homes and bite dogs and children, so I panicked thinking a dangerous snake just made babies and found a home in my building.

I decided to call my campus maintenance guys who I know well and told them I found a baby snake not too long ago, how I was unsure if it was a nope rope, asking if someone come please check the building out, maybe even the basement. Well, they laughed and said sure after lunch. Well, mind you that I found this little guy at nine in the morning, and lunch for these guys was around 2. That was a whopping 5 hours of worrying, not wanting to go out to my lobby because I didn’t want to be snagged by a mama slither scarf.

I got distracted. I got distracted by fear and worry that I let it affect my whole morning.

That fear consumed my morning, thoughts of snakes breeding in the basement, wondering if they were hiding under the displays. How could a little thing make a grown mind overflow with panic? As humans, we tend to let one small thought explode into several bigger thoughts that drown us.

How many times do we do this as Christians? Where we let one thing the enemy puts in front of us distract us from our daily goals, daily prayers, God’s plans, and his calling for us. Much like the snake on my floor, the enemy is sneaky and doesn’t always look dangerous but is. Much like my reaction, the distraction could seem so small but we make it out to be a big ordeal that probably isn’t needed. We often get distracted by our own personal snakes that hinder us from completing the day or halt the calling for our life. It hinders us and keeps us in fear. Brothers and sisters, the enemy does that because he doesn’t want you to be on that path, he tries to separate you from Jesus. Here are some ways the enemy distracts us;

Distraction of Fear

Fear is a lier, it keeps us frozen and stagnant. I would even go so far as to say paralyzed such as being one who suffers from anxiety.

Distraction of Desires

The enemy knows what our biggest desires are; money, fame, love, etc. He will do whatever he can to put these things in view for us to want our desires more than what we are called for.

The distraction of Status/Envy

We often are hindered by the fact that we want to be like someone of significant status. We always want something that someone else has or is doing. Look at Jannis she is in the Bahamas, look at Frank he got another car, I want to be an influencer like that Christian leader. What we don’t realize is that while we worry about what others are doing and what they are receiving we aren’t being grateful for what we have and will be doing. The enemy puts those in our path to stray off with envy to drown us out.

While these are just a few, our mind is the number one factor in what leads our soul and our body to do things. When we get our thoughts right everything else follows the lead, like turning your head to walk left your mind saying go left and your body follows the directions given to them. The enemy distracts us with both enticing things and things that are meant to scare us off. So the question remains, how do we stop the worry, how do we fight off the distraction?

Frist Remember Who’s You Are

Remember who you belong to, remind yourself that you are a son or daughter of the king. Remind yourself that if he is for us who can be against us! You are a warrior of heaven and you were called for a purpose. You are an amazing, bright, smart, and powerful person in the Lord, and this stumbling block will not get to you.

John 1:12 You’re a Child of God

1 Corinthians 6:17 You have God’s Spirit

1 Peter 2:9, Isaiah 43:1, Ephesians 2:10 You’re Chosen

John 15:15 You’re a Friend

Romans 8:17 You’re heirs to Royalty

These are just a few examples of scriptures that give us our identity in Jesus, use these to fight when the enemy makes you out to be what you are not.

Remember Your Purpose/Calling

Keep your eye on what you were called to do, what God’s plan for you is. Often times the enemy tries to distract us from the plan God wants for our lives because he doesn’t want it to be fulfilled. Don’t give up and lose hope, don’t get distracted by who is doing it better, or what others are things about you. Keep your eyes on Jesus.

Mark 16:15 Teach others

Philippians 2:1-4 Fellowship/Encourage

Philippians 3:12-14 Pressing on and not Giving up

Hebrews 3:1 Eyes on Jesus

Don’t Worry Don’t Fear

Fear is the biggest lier that the enemy uses to distract us, fear keeps us bound in one spot unwilling to move forward. What is the first thing any angel said while making their presence known, Do not fear! When we get wrapped up in fear we lose sight of what we are called for, we lose sight of Jesus! We are halted by our own unwillingness because we are afraid of what someone might say, or how they will look at us, and even some get embarrass by sharing their faith.

Isaiah 35:4 Do not fear

John 14:27 Be at peace and don’t let hearts be troubled

Joshua 1:9 Be strong

Matthew 6:34 Do not worry

Psalm 94:19 Anxiety

Distractions can lead us away from Jesus, distractions keep us from following God’s will and remaining in him daily. Distractions keep us from staying in his word, going to church, making fellowships, assuming the worse and so much more. As for that snake, I never found out if it was a nope rope or not but I don’t think I was. When maintenance came to check the building they didn’t find anything else lingering in the warm building but mentioned with the cold weather coming up we might find more of them trying to escape the cold. They said it could have been a gardener snake or similar since it was a light grey. They said that it probably snuck in with someone walking through the front door. I asked one of them who has lived in this area all his life what I could have been and he said nothing dangerous.

So in conclusion one don’t let whatever your snake is (anxiety, fear, depression, distractions, social media, etc) distract you from God’s love and presence. Overall let’s encourage each other to not get distracted, and if we see a brother or sister falling for the distraction (the snake on the floor), encourage them to press on. Ignore it and keep going forward.

Questions to ask yourself

  1. What are some of your snakes on the ground that distracts you?
  2. What can you do differently to ignore the lies and distractions?
  3. How can encourage friends to ignore distractions?
I would love to hear your testimonies!

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