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5 Amazing Crafty Supplies For Journaling

I love to journal, what makes it even better is when I can journal while I bible study. What is even better is when my bible is a journaling bible. If you like to get crafty with journaling like me then you know the joy of going to the craft store and picking up things for it. I love going through the dollar bins at craft stores and seeing what I can dig up. To my surprise, I always find 20 dollars worth of journaling supplies that I can use for not only bible studies but for journaling in general.

Now understand this you don’t need these things to dig into his word nor need these things to journal at all periods, but it is a fun way to let your creativity out. It is a fun and awesome way to praise Him. There are a lot of inspirations on Pinterest and Instagram but absolutely know that you don’t need fancy things to study and journal. Just have fun writing!

I really enjoy washi tap! I have a whole box just for them. If you don’t know what washi tape is, it is a type of tape that is highly decorative and made from fibers of various types of bark. It is smoother and the majority of washi tape is inexpensive. Washi tape can be used in different ways for journaling. I use it by bookmarking pages, wrapping the tape on the border of a page, and separating the header from the writing. I have seen a lot of people make intricate things and designs!

I love using sticky notes while I am journaling for almost anything. If you could see my bibles, journals, and my mirror you would probably think I either love taking notes or love having an insane amount of sticky notes. Using sticky notes helps in various ways. To add to something you previously wrote, use it as a reminder, or use it as inspiration. I use them specifically to add a thought to something that resonates with me, something I learned, and a handy reminder. My bible is filled with sticky notes same with my journals for different things. I recently found out that Amazon sells clear sticky notes so you can read what is underneath the sticky note while what is written on it. I don’t know how I feel about it but I am going to try it!

Paper clips come in handy! They not only help you bookmark a place you may want to revisit but to hold important notes in place. I use a lot of stick notes, index cards, and scraps of paper. While just sliding it in the journal or bible is easy they often fall out or tear. I invested in some gold-painted paper clips found at the local dollar store and some really neat paper clips for agendas, journaling, and office supplies at my local craft store. They help bookmark and keep track of my thoughts, which can be hard to do!

Get your inner three-year-old out and get some stickers. There are so many varieties of stickers for journaling, bible studies, planning, agendas, and other forms of it. They have themed adult stickers depending on the purpose you are looking for. I like the brand Create 365 and Happy Planner because they have a small variety of themed stickers for different areas like faith, planner, organization, and more. They actually come in handy for my blogging when I pre-write my posts on paper. While I love organized planning stickers I love to use regular stickers as well, letters too to make cool journaling art!

Obviously, you can’t journal without some sort of utensil! I have some good quality pens and markers. I like Papermate InkJoy Gel pens, and Pilot Erasable pens the most. They write smoothly in both my journal and my bibles (which are thinned pages). For markers, I like using pastel colors and fine liner pens, they are great for bullet journaling and artistically vamping up your day planner.

Keep in mind you don’t need these things to write well, they are just for fun! You also don’t need expensive things like gel pens. One thing though is the washi tape from the dollar store isn’t of the best quality and doesn’t stick as well compared to the ones at Joann’s and Micheal’s. Hobby Lobby has a really good selection on a bunch of the things I listed. Amazon is another one that sells some good quality items.

Anywho happy journaling!

What are some of your favorite supplies? Comment Below
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