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Enjoy your Morning Coffee with God

It is no secret that I am not a morning person, I struggle to get out of bed. Not only because I am ninety percent still groggy but because I love my bed and pillows. However I know that if I don’t get up; my two-year-old will strip from his clothes, my four-year-old will be trying to get into bed with me, and my eight-year-old will try to be sneaky and get my electronics. As I try to start my day early, most of the time my little bright-eyed-wild Jedi are waking me up instead.

I have tried to get up early but I end up dragging my feet and barely making my coffee the right way. If you see me in the morning my hair isn’t done and my slippers are on. I don’t process conversation without my coffee either. Now I don’t really need coffee to be a better person however what helps me speed up my groggy eyes is my coffee, and yes I am that woman who doesn’t like being talked to unless I have had at least 4 sips (more like gulps) of my morning joe.

I am trying to be the early bird, and let me tell you it is hard. I, unfortunately, have to get into this routine when school starts up again or I will be late getting my children to school one time. On top of that, I know the struggle to wake up and instantly enjoy my morning with God. It’s hard because your either woken up by the sound of a screaming baby, didn’t sleep well, or any other factor and be inserted here. I am getting better at waking up early and I trying to get better and start my day with God.

I found that when I start and end my day with God I am less cranky. Take note that I said less because we are still not perfect. However, I have found three ways to enjoy my daily cup without a whole lot of hassle and without the chaos of the morning.

1. Get up early

Now I’m not saying get up while it’s still in the middle of the early morning, an example is 3 am, though I applaud those who can rise from the dead that early. However getting up early can help start your day right so you’re not rushing and missing something important, like the kid’s lunch bags or skipping breakfast and having to rush to get them to school breakfast.

Start that coffee pot, pour, and sit down and enjoy it before your lovely creations rise. The same goes for tea goers!

The days I can get up that early, I find I feel better and feel less likely to miss something. I can get my son’s backpack together when it’s school time, I can remember events I have to attend like doctor’s appointments, getting what I need for work, etcetera. I have found I am also less cranky and less likely to explode in less than necessary situations. Statistically, it has been proven that setting a routine and getting up a little bit earlier can be better for your mental health as well. Getting up early also provides you the time needed to sit with God/Jesus and just chat. Get things off your chest or pray for a hedge of protection over the day.

2. Make it a priority

Exactly as the bold header state, make it a must-do instead of I will do it tomorrow! Make it part of a routine, like checking your phone! Get used to making it a part of your day. You end up saving money when you do it because then you won’t rush out the door and make an emergency pit stop at McDonald’s or Starbucks for coffee. Boom I just saved you a max of 5 bucks in coffee trips! If going out for coffee is your thing, still make it a routine to get up early. Know when your local Starbucks opens and get there before the line! Order online and get there when it’s made.

It takes 21 days to break a habit while simultaneously making a new one. When you make getting up early to enjoy your time and that cup of warm coffee you are breaking the habit of sleeping past alarms, ultimately improving your health, and creating even better habits. You can stop hitting the snooze button and falling back asleep then waking up five minutes late. I’ve been there it’s not fun! Make it a priority to start your day with God.

We all know that the second we get up we check our phones to see; who called, who messaged us, who liked our post on Instagram, what is happening on Facebook, and whatever else you check. I pose a way better ultimatum, check in with Jesus. Talk with him, see what he says in the morning, personally I imagine him saying “Well good morning! Sleep well?”

3. Chaotic Bliss

No matter what is in your life at that moment still indulge in your cup of Joe or herbal delight. Even if you don’t wake up early and you’re a hot mess like me, still enjoy the moment of your tasty hot drink. Watch your chaotic morning with laughter knowing it’s how it’s supposed to be! No one is perfect and we all enjoy sleeping in, there is no shame in that. If you didn’t wake up early or make it a priority today you can try again tomorrow. I still have those days where I look at my alarms and I’m like man five more minutes, please. I still wake up and check my phone before I talk with Jesus.

So overall just enjoy every moment of every day because you won’t get to relive it again unless you live in a bizarre Groundhog’s Day movie. I will say this you can apply these ways to almost anything from enjoying personal time to making a better routine. I get life happens and sometimes things don’t work out but it’s worth a shot! Enjoy the little bits, the chaotic moments, the kid’s voices, and your morning cup. You don’t know what is promised for tomorrow so live it today!

Overall involve Jesus

By getting up early and drinking your coffee in the quiet minutes of the morning, enjoy it with Jesus. Take this time to pray and do a quick devotional. It is hard to muster up the brain cells when you first wake up, so if you’re not up to doing bible study or a devotional then just sit and talk to God. He would enjoy that so much. Like most parents who are delighted to hear from their children, parents enjoy the fact that their children are excited to talk to them, God wants us to talk to him in that way too. He enjoys it when you take part in a conversation with him when you are comfy with him.

Make the time to start your morning right and be with Him! Tell him your woes and what you hope for, ask for protection or tell him you admire his creations. You would be surprised at the outcome. God speaks with those who are quiet and willing to listen back not just talk.

What’s in your cup? How do you enjoy the morning hassle-free?

5 thoughts on “Enjoy your Morning Coffee with God

  1. Great post!! I am in the thick of it with 4 kids. Right now my six month old is waking up every morning at 4:50 to nurse and falls back to sleep, then my 2 year old is up by 6:00 to start his day. The bigs (9 and 11) FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER are sleeping past 8am – Its a busy time! I try to give myself that time between 5:15 – 6:00 sometimes it works but sometimes I pass out!! LOL!

  2. I love coffee and make it part of my morning routine. To enjoy it even more, I love mindful appreciation of it and even breakfast: the aroma, taste, color, etc. By engaging all the senses, it makes small moments so much more meaningful.

  3. My father in law loves coffee! Now when he has his cup I can talk with him about how to enjoy it a little more thanks to your blog! šŸ™‚

    1. See what he does to enjoy a cup of joe

  4. Totally agree with you!! Waking up early helps so much too.

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