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Oh, man time flies when you’re crafting and having fun!

Next month is June and guess what IT’S MY BIRTHDAY month and what better way than to celebrate it by giving back to everyone and growing my small business! If you have visited my website you know that I now run a small business for bookish things like bookmarks, bags, and more. I want to share that will be one lucky winner!

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The Thing About Books

I haven’t always been a reader!

Hard to believe I know but I haven’t. I didn’t start reading for enjoyment until about junior high, and I believe the first series that I ever read all the way through without putting it down was Twilight. I hate to admit it but I was a part of that train for that time it was a good book and still is. I remember feeling love for books after that. I loved the way they plunged you into a world that wasn’t reality, kidnapping you from harsh truths to submerge you in a world that is beyond adventures.

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A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder Book Review

Hello, lovelies!

Let’s get down to business, today’s book is a good young adult fiction murder mystery. A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder.

Overall I will rate the book in a few different ways, I will also give a few things I found that I liked and disliked about the book. Then I will discuss it and leave the comment section open to questions and or thoughts if you have read the book.

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April Book Haul, New Titles Tik Tok Made Me buy

Hello, Dear!

Today I will be sharing my book haul for April. Book hauls are books that I have purchased and have chosen to share with you all in that particular month. I know that it’s kinda late to post for April but seeing as I bought them in April I will share them as such!

Most of these books I have finished by now and will be doing a book review on each one in other posts that I will share soon. All but the last one are books that Booktok made me buy so Let’s dive in!

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Welcome Bookish Bugs

Welcome to our first ever blog post for The Bookish Goth Co.!

We are glad you are here, as we embark on an awesome new journey and share the love of books!

Please be patient with us as we continue this transition and improve our space!


What we are hoping to do is to not only share our love e of books through well-skilled posts but to share the world of imagination and creativity.

Posts that we will be doing is

  • Book Haul month
  • Book Reviews
  • New Content
  • Shop Updates
  • Faith-based posts
  • etc

I hope that we will be seeing more of you in the nearer future as we enter the world of books.

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Enjoy your Morning Coffee with God

It is no secret that I am not a morning person, I struggle to get out of bed. Not only because I am ninety percent still groggy but because I love my bed and pillows. However I know that if I don’t get up; my two-year-old will strip from his clothes, my four-year-old will be trying to get into bed with me, and my eight-year-old will try to be sneaky and get my electronics. As I try to start my day early, most of the time my little bright-eyed-wild Jedi are waking me up instead.

I have tried to get up early but I end up dragging my feet and barely making my coffee the right way. If you see me in the morning my hair isn’t done and my slippers are on. I don’t process conversation without my coffee either. Now I don’t really need coffee to be a better person however what helps me speed up my groggy eyes is my coffee, and yes I am that woman who doesn’t like being talked to unless I have had at least 4 sips (more like gulps) of my morning joe.

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I Chose Their Lives

*Trigger Warning below is content in support of the Pro-life March and movement and proof that choosing life is such a blessing no matter the situation and outcome. While writing this I cried so hard because it hit home so bad for me, my heart aches when women are told they can’t and have to choose when they can do it all*

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5 Amazing Crafty Supplies For Journaling

I love to journal, what makes it even better is when I can journal while I bible study. What is even better is when my bible is a journaling bible. If you like to get crafty with journaling like me then you know the joy of going to the craft store and picking up things for it. I love going through the dollar bins at craft stores and seeing what I can dig up. To my surprise, I always find 20 dollars worth of journaling supplies that I can use for not only bible studies but for journaling in general.

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Filling Your inner Circle with Authentic Friendships

We all have friends! Friends often can keep us on a straight path, encourage us, help us in a time of need, or even just be there for emotional support. That is why it is extremely important who your friends are. We all belong to friend circles, some circles are bigger and some are smaller, some even have multipole circles! One for work friends, one for school friends, and even one for church friends. However, I dare to ask who is in those circles?

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Where To Start As A New Believer

It is overwhelming sometimes when you are a new believer, even now it can be. You have so many questions that fill your head and then you begin to regret the decision because it seems like too much, or you ask what did I get myself into when you start to read parts of the bible. Trust me I’ve been there, I didn’t know what the books of the bible were, I didn’t know scripture or how to pray much less where to start. I made the mistake of reading or trying to read front to back and let me tell you that confused me even more and put seven times the questions in my head that probably would have been answered if I would have started right. So here are some things that helped me that might help when taking my first steps with Jesus.

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Christians Stop Getting Distracted

The other day at my work I was sitting in my office that morning going over paperwork. I needed to go out to the main lobby where the textbooks are to get something. Around this time my morning employee just walked in to start her shift. As she and I walked out to the floor I happened to notice a little baby snake slithering by then stopping by my foot. It froze there, startled by this little baby creature. I grabbed my phone for a photo opp for my husband who loves snakes. On the other hand, I don’t mind snakes but I don’t particularly like them either. As she stood there watching it to make sure it didn’t slither off I went and grabbed disposable coffee cups, scooped the little guy up, and put him outside where he belonged. Laughing about it we went on about our morning.

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My Testimony; A Story Of Trauma and Rejoice

*Just a heads up this is a long post*

The number one thing a follower of Jesus or a Christain of any kind will always ask what is your testimony is. In other words “What’s your story?”

While there are many different and unique testimonies out there, my testimony, whatever you want to call it didn’t use to feel as glamorous or heart-wrenching as others. I often felt like maybe I wasn’t doing it right or I was missing something. I use to feel like maybe I didn’t experience my true testimony yet, whatever that meant. I have since learned that this isn’t true, everyone has a different story to tell, and everyone’s lives are led to him differently. On top of that, I have realized that I didn’t fully know Jesus until this year despite what I thought I knew four years ago. My story is quite long but is still growing, I have learned over this past year that I am not done being molded and shaped. I acknowledge that there will be many more situations, outcomes, choices, and experiences that will add to my testimony as I get older. As in a previous post, I am always coming to Christ and my coming to testimony will always grow as I learn more.

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Never Underestimate The Power Of A Mothers Prayer

Your mother has been with you for every stage of life, from the moment of conception to the day of her last breath. She has been with you. Much like a marriage vow she has been with you through sickness and in health and through richer or poor’ days. Every single day she had been praying for you; she has prayed over your life, over your future, over your everything. Prayer is one of the most single things we can do that seems so insignificant now but is detrimental to your daily life. Prayer helps you through your day, it gives you a direct phone number to God to talk with him.

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Using The S.O.A.P Method

When bible studying for the first time it can be a bit overwhelming and a lot all at once. While there are books, devotionals, and more that you can follow just reading them isn’t doing you any good, you need to understand what you are reading and apply it to your life. There is a method that could help anyone not only understand scripture more but to dive deeper into a passage to get the most out of it. this isn’t the only way to bible study but it is one of the most simple ways of doing so I often revert back to this method when I am having difficulty understanding a verse or chapter.

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5 Must Haves for Bible Study

When starting to read the bible and or a bible study, everyone does it differently! Everyone has their own highlighting code, writing notes, and reading style. Some follow a book while others dive into the good word and do chapter by chapter! How I wish I could just dive in and know what everything means! I can’t tell you how inspiring that is when I see that happen or when people rattle off scripture off the top of their headword for word.

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