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Oh, man time flies when you’re crafting and having fun!

Next month is June and guess what IT’S MY BIRTHDAY month and what better way than to celebrate it by giving back to everyone and growing my small business! If you have visited my website you know that I now run a small business for bookish things like bookmarks, bags, and more. I want to share that will be one lucky winner!

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The Thing About Books

I haven’t always been a reader!

Hard to believe I know but I haven’t. I didn’t start reading for enjoyment until about junior high, and I believe the first series that I ever read all the way through without putting it down was Twilight. I hate to admit it but I was a part of that train for that time it was a good book and still is. I remember feeling love for books after that. I loved the way they plunged you into a world that wasn’t reality, kidnapping you from harsh truths to submerge you in a world that is beyond adventures.

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April Book Haul, New Titles Tik Tok Made Me buy

Hello, Dear!

Today I will be sharing my book haul for April. Book hauls are books that I have purchased and have chosen to share with you all in that particular month. I know that it’s kinda late to post for April but seeing as I bought them in April I will share them as such!

Most of these books I have finished by now and will be doing a book review on each one in other posts that I will share soon. All but the last one are books that Booktok made me buy so Let’s dive in!

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