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Christians Stop Getting Distracted

The other day at my work I was sitting in my office that morning going over paperwork. I needed to go out to the main lobby where the textbooks are to get something. Around this time my morning employee just walked in to start her shift. As she and I walked out to the floor I happened to notice a little baby snake slithering by then stopping by my foot. It froze there, startled by this little baby creature. I grabbed my phone for a photo opp for my husband who loves snakes. On the other hand, I don’t mind snakes but I don’t particularly like them either. As she stood there watching it to make sure it didn’t slither off I went and grabbed disposable coffee cups, scooped the little guy up, and put him outside where he belonged. Laughing about it we went on about our morning.

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Using The S.O.A.P Method

When bible studying for the first time it can be a bit overwhelming and a lot all at once. While there are books, devotionals, and more that you can follow just reading them isn’t doing you any good, you need to understand what you are reading and apply it to your life. There is a method that could help anyone not only understand scripture more but to dive deeper into a passage to get the most out of it. this isn’t the only way to bible study but it is one of the most simple ways of doing so I often revert back to this method when I am having difficulty understanding a verse or chapter.

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5 Must Haves for Bible Study

When starting to read the bible and or a bible study, everyone does it differently! Everyone has their own highlighting code, writing notes, and reading style. Some follow a book while others dive into the good word and do chapter by chapter! How I wish I could just dive in and know what everything means! I can’t tell you how inspiring that is when I see that happen or when people rattle off scripture off the top of their headword for word.

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